About D.B. Nyce

D.B. Nyce was born in the late '70s, raised in the 80s, and played in the '90s. He lived life to the fullest in the early 2000s and pursued a career in radio.

He grew up in Penns Grove, a small town in South Jersey. When he was 10 years old, he spoke on a microphone for the first time. He told a roomful of people what it was like to compete in the Cub Scout County Pinewood Derby. For just a few minutes, he had everyone's attention, and he liked it.  At that moment, he knew he wanted to be an entertainer.

Throughout his school years, D.B. would participate in school plays and the school's radio program. It was there he realized that he wanted to pursue a career in radio.

After graduating high school, D.B. enrolled in the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. This is where he learned everything he needed to know about radio and television broadcasting. He graduated in 2000 from CSB and started to look for a job on the radio.

Even though he had the training, many radio stations wanted to hire someone with a few years of experience. D.B. needed an opportunity to start his career, but he could not find one. So, he created one himself.

In Vineland, New Jersey, a radio station called The New Mix 92.1 WVLT (Now known as Crusin 92.1 WVLT). In the evening hours, they sold air time to whoever wanted to do a radio show for $75 an hour. D.B. saw this as the opportunity he needed to get the experience he needed on air. He went out and found his own sponsors to cover the show's cost. He produced his own commercials and show intros. He called the show "The New D.B. Nyce Show."

After two years of hosting the show on WVLT, some radio D.J.s from a Philadelphia radio station heard the show one night.  They liked what they heard and invited D.B. to hang out with them on their station. It was there where he learned how to do big market radio. The company that owns the Philadelphia station offered D.B. a job in one of their smaller markets in Bangor, ME.  This would be D.B.'s shot to really start his radio career.

Throughout the years, D.B. has traveled across the country, making friends in each state along the way. He hosted his first-morning show in Florida.  D.B. would also host a syndicated night show throughout Alabama and Mississippi. His most recent radio tour was in Texas, where he hosted a morning show and an afternoon show.  In 2015 he started to produce his video show, "D.B.'s Arcade" for Youtube.

D.B. decided to move back up north in 2019 with his son.  He continues to write, host, and produce "D.B.'s Arcade." In 2020, he launched a website for the show.

D.B. Nyce host "D.B.'s Arcade" alongside his pal and tech wiz, Ted Rizer. Together they experience wild adventures as they look back at some of the best years of our lives.